Multikids Vision

An inclusive society where all people can live side-by-side respectfully and appreciate that we each have a distinct contribution to make to the world.

Multikids Mission

  • To build confidence and competency in all learners
  • To promote excellence through an enabling & collaborative learning environment
  • To encourage inclusion by empowering all stakeholders in a child’s life to support their journey to success.
  • To nurture a culture of well-being to support access, excellence, and sustainability
  • To create a specialist team through continuing professional development.
  • To pioneer inclusion in our community through sharing knowledge and resources where they are needed most

Our History

Multikids was founded in 2010 by Sigrid Kootstra and Mandy Budge, CEO. The school is on a single site in a quiet residential area of Accra. Split between two main buildings, the school can have a holistic feel while maintaining early years feel and a senior school on the other. Both sites are accessible via ramps and bars. There is a library on both sites.

The inclusion team, responsible for special provision, is located throughout the site. This includes a dedicated clinical team in the Therapy & Assessment Centre. In addition, there are spaces for occupational therapy, a physiotherapy gym, speech & language therapy, counseling, applied behavioral analysis, and a sensory room.

Our Accessibility and Assistive Technology service is cutting-edge in Ghana. Desktops, projectors, and interactive whiteboards in classrooms complement ICT suite facilities. We have dedicated Art and Music rooms.

All staff has continuous professional development embedded into their weekly timetable. Additionally, all therapists have rigorous clinical supervision to maintain international standards of excellence.

Multikids is passionate about ensuring that every child is engaged in an accessible and challenging teaching and learning environment.
Multikid’s team of skilled and committed teachers and therapists work with parents to provide practical assessment, design, and delivery of a unique learning program for your child.

Over ten years, we have evolved an ecology where each child is at the center of our actions. Small classes and a happy, safe, and supportive school environment are central to our student’s achievement. Parents can also get the support and training needed to consolidate learning at home.

Multikids suit students who do not thrive or achieve their best in a mainstream setting. Committing to inclusion is about empathy, respect for difference, and finding a new way to reach your potential in a safe, supported environment.

“Effective inclusive education offers opportunities for all learners to celebrate their achievements and make a positive contribution to a more tolerant and compassionate society”.
Mandy Budge speaking at TEDX Accra

“I discovered at Multikids Inclusive Academy that they were listening.”
Dr. Fatou

Parent of past student on an IGCSE pathway

ADHD: Our teachers help students to self regulate by taking short breaks to re-focus. In this way learners can get back on track to continue learning. This allows children with ADHD to thrive and reach their academic potential

Autism: Our small class sizes, 1:2 adult support where needed plus the delivery of a multi-sensory curriculum help our autistic learners to access education. Push in and pull out speech therapy also supports building communication skills. 

Behavioral issues: Multikids has a team of Behaviour Therapists trained in Applied Behavioural Analysis to support students in learning positive behavior.

Cerebral Palsy: Students with Cerebral Palsy may require therapeutic intervention to build strength and physical function as well as assistive technology to access the curriculum. MKAs therapy teams are on hand to provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy to support a child’s development.

Hearing impairment: Multikids has a team of staff who sign to support students who sign as well as speak. Today there is a  wide range of technologies that support children with hearing loss, and MKA students can continue their learning with support from an integrated speech therapy program and sign language.

Down Syndrome: Children with Down Syndrome often need their learning broken down into smaller chunks and support focusing on the keywords and concepts; our staff are trained in how to do  this and can provide the appropriate support for each child. We have a rich creative arts environment including dance and drama where all students can excel alongside their academic work. 

Dyslexia: Sounds-Write is a phonics program taught in all classes. This reading, writing and spelling program provides excellent support  for dyslexic children.

English as a second language: Mainstream students flourish in our small classes.  An individualized learning program is created for students with English as a second or additional language

Gold House for our Resident Students

Multikids Inclusive Academy understands its provision is unique in the West African Region. To open access for children who benefit from the Multikids experience, we run a supported living house called Gold House. The place is available for all children in our secondary school and, occasionally, upper primary. Unlike most boarding facilities, Gold House is set up as a family unit with staff guiding and nurturing.

Like all family homes, Gold House promotes young people’s confidence and sense of self by nurturing their skills and relationships. Students are supported by trained caregivers, who guide the living and activities within the house. All children are empowered to fully engage in house life and develop their independence through learning life skills.

  • A “family feel” living experience for children. 11+
  • Located in a secure gated community.
  • Use of facilities within the community
  • The professional staff takes a nurturing and caring role.
  • Located for access to cultural, leisure, and religious activities
  • Independent living is encouraged appropriately, including menu choice and budgeting.
  • Shared and private rooms with fans and air conditioning
  • All food and beverages are provided within the house.
  • Living areas with DSTV and WIFI
  • Access to school support services.