MKA Therapy & Assessment Centre

MKA Assessment and Therapy Centre offers a range of services for children and young adults with a learning difficulty like dyslexia, attention deficit, delayed learning, or with a diagnosis of a special educational need like autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment.
We can help you answer your questions and guide you to the best academic and social outcome for your child.
Our assessment process is holistic. Our diagnostic reports are detailed, strategic and comprehensive.
Together, we can help your child. Once we have completed our assessments, the Trans-Disciplinary Team (parents, teacher, therapists) will sit down together to draw up your child’s Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) where targets are set both annually and termly. This will form the strategic plan for your child’s learning journey in Multikids. All reports and communication between parents and staff will be via a confidential platform that parents can access daily. Zoom meetings can be arranged with the Trans-Disciplinary team by our Inclusion Manager.


We offer a range of diagnostic assessments to help you understand why your child may be struggling:

  • Educational Psychology Assessment
  • Specialist Teacher Assessment
  • Speech and Language Assessment
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Access Arrangements Assessment
  • Physiotherapy assessment
  • Behavior assessment
    Assessments will be individually tailored to meet your child’s needs.
    For an initial, in confidence, conversation please contact the school administration