Lower Secondary School

The three years of lower secondary school can be an overlooked time in education, but is a critical part of the child’s development.  It is a time where they mature and can start to make real life choices about their future and learning, but it is also a time of freedom before external exam pressure takes hold.  Multikids combines academic, technical, creative & therapeutic rigour to support each students pathway at secondary.

Multikids strives to ensure individuals are challenged at their level and encouraged to use this time to consolidate gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding and  explore their preferred areas of learning.

In the Lower Secondary, we have a two main pathways, both underpinned by creativity, ICT and  academic excellence.

1.  Learners working towards Cambridge International Checkpoint at Year 9 or an access course to BTEC

2. Learners with differences are assessed to enter either a formal or semi formal approach to their education. Those on a formal pathway will be gaining functional core skills in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT, alongside studying one of the ASDAN Awards schemes. Learners who achieve success through a multi sensory curriculum with a  high level of support through therapy and specialised learning and assistive technology, are on a semi-formal pathway.

Studying towards Checkpoint 9

Lower Secondary students can prepare for the  Cambridge Assessment International Education qualification through Lower Secondary exams called Checkpoint 9. Years 7 and 8 will be an intense consolidation of primary skills and preparation towards learning in Year 9 and 10 for IGCSE