About Us

Multikids Vision

An inclusive society where all people can live side by side respectfully and appreciate that we each have a unique contribution to make to the world.

Multikids Mission

  • To build confidence and competency in all learners
  • To promote excellence through an enabling & collaborative learning environment
  • To promote inclusion by empowering  all stakeholders in a child’s life  to support their journey to success.
  • To nurture a culture of wellbeing to support access, excellence and sustainability
  • To create a specialist team through continuing professional development.
  • To pioneer inclusion in our community through sharing knowledge and resources where needed most

About Us

Multikids was founded in 2010 by Sigrid Kootstra and Amanda Budge, Executive Director. The school is situated on a single site location, in a quiet residential area of Accra. Split between two main buildings the school is able to have a holistic feel while maintaining an early years feel on one side and a senior school on the other.  Both sites are accessible with ramps and bars. There is a library on both sites .

The Inclusion Team, responsible for special provision, are located throughout the site. This includes a dedicated clinical team in the Therapy & Assessment Centre as well as  spaces for occupational therapy, a physiotherapy gym, speech & language therapy, counseling , applied behavioural analysis and a sensory room.

ICT suite facilities are complemented with desktops, projectors and interactive whiteboards in classrooms. Our services provision for Accessibility and Assistive Technology is cutting edge in Ghana. We have dedicated Art and Music rooms.

All staff have continuous professional development embedded into their weekly timetable. Additionally, all therapists have rigorous clinical supervision to maintain international standards of excellence.